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Choose A Security Fastener So That You're The Only One With The Key

Jan 11, 2012

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The tamperproof screw industry is rapidly changing and products that were considered to be very secure just a few years ago are woefully less secure today. Although most tamperproof screw suppliers offer a wide variety of drive styles such as hex-pins, torx-pins and snake eyes, because of the mass production and distribution of driver bits offshore, these drive styles offer little, if any, security. After many years in the security-fastener industry, I've learned that there are multiple considerations when choosing a product that must provide product liability protection, intellectual property protection, maintenance control, and most important, prevent property theft. For example:

Most important – If you're protecting high-value products or limiting liability, make sure you're the only one that has a key to the security fastener.

Too often, we do what we've always done. The increased level of theft is proving that doesn't work well. Let me show you how advanced engineering and manufacturing results in security fastener solutions that eliminate security and liability worries.

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