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Card Reader Tampering Becoming Big Security Concern

Dec 13, 2011

Credit card readers have become the targets of very sophisticated criminals. We continue to see more and more stories about this serious problem. Stories like this one by Tracy Kitten, seen in If Bryce Fasteners were used to secure the card reader stand or in the backs of the card readers themselves, this problem would stop virtually immediately.

Fraud Scheme Hits Grocer (11/29/11) Kitten, Tracy

Reports of card reader tampering at Save Mart Supermarkets come as fraudsters are increasingly targeting retailers, according to consultant Robert Siciliano. He notes that retailers are easy targets for fraudsters because they are understaffed, which means that any tampering with card readers is likely to go unnoticed for a time. Save Mart Supermarkets says the compromised readers had been installed at self-service checkout lanes at 19 Lucky Supermarkets stores and one Save Mart location. Since the tampering was discovered, readers on the affected terminals have been replaced and additional security measures for point-of-sale card readers have been implemented at all of Save Mart’s stores. There are no indications that whoever tampered with the card readers was also able to compromise any credit or debit card accounts. Other retailers who have had their card readers tampered with include Michaels, which discovered earlier this year that the card readers and PIN pads in 90 of its stores were sending card information and PINs to criminals.

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