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Bryce Fastener Inc. Is Still GROWING After 40 Years.

Sep 23, 2011

With one glance, Bryce Fastener screws are often dismissed as just another tamperproof fastener, but the evidence is clear that these High Security Fasteners perform as advertised.

Bryce Fastener Inc. is about to embark in their 40th year in the fastener industry. Amidst a failing economy and a trade that's been long lost to foreign shores for decades, Bryce Campbell, founder and owner reported steady growth in 2009 and 2010. After 20 years as a tamper-proof fastener distributor in Seattle, Washington, Bryce saw a need for a more customized screw in the industry. He designed a fastener intended for a special market; theft prevention. No two customers will receive the same screw, and no bit, tool, or vice grip can penetrate the screw. "Government utilities, municipalities, universities, nuclear power plants, solar panels, OEM's, and just about everything in between lose thousands of dollars every year due to theft. Theft that could have easily been prevented if our fasteners were in place" says Bryce. With worldwide patents and a willingness to adapt to the individual needs of every customer, Bryce Fastener Inc. has developed Key-Rex™, Penta-Plus™, Penta-Nut™, and their newest Raptor™. There are currently 2 million fasteners installed around the world with no reported breach yet. "By staying off the beaten path, our team at Bryce Fastener Inc. has created state of the art fasteners that we hope will continue helping organizations prevent losses due to theft", says Bryce.

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