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New Design In High Security Fasteners.

Jul 28, 2011

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Bryce Fastener Inc. is pleased to announce that a new fastener has clawed its way out onto the market of high security fasteners.

Based on feedback from customers, Bryce Fastener Inc. created the new fastener in light of the epidemic problems with all common fasteners. "Questions come up all the time from customers, ...can it handle the torque without breaking bits, will the screw get loose under vibrations, and is a lock-washer needed? These were the three components we kept in mind when designing Raptor™", says Bryce Campbell, CEO. Raptor™ is made with the same locking technique as Key-Rex™ but with an oversized head and serrations underneath. The combination of the oversized head and bigger drive create a tyrant of torque where one can add all the torque they want and not break bits. The Raptor™ claws(serrations) are made deep and designed to replace the need for a lock-washer. Bryce claims the installer will actually feel the bolt stretch longitudinally and flex down horizontally. Together, clamp loads and maximum torque increase by 30%, making the joint stronger and more resilient. "The goal is to reduce common problems associated with installing fasteners while continuing to help our customers protect their product liability and assets. We've added our engineering secrets to advance the art of making fasteners," says Bryce. Watch out thieves, looks like Raptor™ has become the new Tyrant on the block.

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