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Solar Panel Rack Mounts

Jul 06, 2011

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New PV Mounting System To Prevent Solar Panel Theft

Installing solar panels is like hoisting $50,000 on your roof and leaving it there for all the world to see. A new security brings peace of mind to those worried about theft and vandalism.

Every time fuel prices start pushing $4 per gallon in the U.S., there are smattering of stories about people who wake up to find the contents of their gas tank have been poached during the night.

Stealing a solar panel off a roof is hardly as easy to execute, but apparently, with solar leasing and large, remote installations on the rise, manufacturing and installation companies feel that potential for theft is great enough to prompt the creation of a specialized security product.

There were many viable options when it comes to solar security, including fences, alarms or video surveillance systems, but the the extra maintenance and monitoring costs involved are often prohibitive. Also, if an alarm goes off at a solar array 50 miles from town, chances are the thieves will be able to finish the job before authorities arrive.

SnapNRack is a mounting system designed to quicken installation, cover up exposed wires, give an overall smooth look, and meets wind and snow loading requirements. When combined with the Key-Rex fastener, which is designed to repel all tools and vice grips on the market, the solar mount becomes virtually impenetrable.

The Key-Rex fastener is made with millions of unique keyways, so no two customers own the same screw.

Recently, the fastener-rack combo was installed at a large remote ground mount project on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, where they will power about 300 Kauai homes per year. If theft should occur, the thief will have to break the panel.

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