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Defending Against Technological Theft

Mar 23, 2011

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Theft of credit card terminals is a difficult challenge for retailers. Readers contain important customer information such as credit card and pin numbers that can easily be compromised by a would-be thief. Engineered Network Systems (ENS) and Bryce Fasteners, Inc. provide a locking solution to keep retailers' terminals safe.

The quality products of ENS are specifically engineered and designed to adapt to loss prevention challenges with their custom mounting solutions. Their success as an industry leader in this market is due in part to the security locking fasteners used. These fasteners are custom-designed with keyways exclusive to the customer making it tamper-proof and vandal-resistant.

'It took years of research and development to make sure no vice grip, bit tip, drill or wrench can breach our fasteners.' says Bryce Campbell, president of Bryce Fastener, Inc., Gilbert, AZ.

ENS and Bryce Fastener have found a way to protect customers' assets, anticipate potential losses and play a good defense in this age of technological warfare.

Based in Burnsville, MN and with over 80 years of combined engineering and design experience, ENS provides innovative custom solutions like security locking stands that help meet PCI and ADA compliance. Contact Dan Hollibush at or visit for more information.

Bryce Fastener, Inc. specializes in solving demanding security fastener applications with their patented technology. Contact Mark Miller at or visit for more information.

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