Bryce Fastener - RaptorRaptor™
Raptor claw-tooth feature added to fasteners making them some of the most theft proof fasteners on the planet, providing "lock" security, not just vandal resistance. Raptor engineering yields 30% higher clamp loads. Product Details >>
Bryce Fastener - Key-RexThe ultimate in custom, theft proof screws. Key codes are exclusive to each customer making these the most secure and theft proof screws in the world. Product Details >>
Bryce Fastener - Penta-PlusThe geometry of Penta-Plus™ makes it more secure than all other tamper proof screws. Penta-Plus™ is proprietary to Bryce Fastener and configured to keep Torx-pin and Hex-pin tamper-resistant bits out. Product Details >>
Bryce Fastener - Penta NutPenta Nut™ is the largest diameter security nut available and needs no washer. These high security 316 stainless steel nuts turn any bolt into a vandal resistant lock. Product Details >>
Bryce Fastener - RaptorA tamper-resistant screw. Product Details >>
Bryce Fastener - RaptorA tamper-resistant screw. Product Details >>
Bryce Fastener - Penta boltA tamper-resistant bolt. Product Details >>
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Millions of tamper-resistant screw keys placed in circulation have made most tamper-resistant screws ineffective.

Almost every security screw made is vulnerable.+Read More