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A Nut That Acts Like a Lock

Penta-Nut™ is the largest diameter security nut available and needs no washer. This high-security 316 stainless steel nut turns any bolt into a lock.

  • The deep socket allows overrun of bolt
  • Cone shape repels locking pliers
  • Compression ring binds and seals
  • Patents in U.S. and worldwide provides security
  • A secure Pentagon recess provides high torque capability

Penta-Nut - the security nut that acts like a lock.

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Penta-Nut™ A nut that Acts Like a Lock

Size Ranges US 6/32 through 7/8-9 Metric M4-M16
ThreadThread MetricHeightTop DiameterBottom DiameterSocket
6-32 - 1/4-20M4 - M6.275 (7mm).50 (12.7mm).660 (16.7mm)IGPNS25
5/16-18 - 3/8-16M8 - M10.400 (10.2mm).745 (18.9mm)1.00 (25.4mm)IGPNS37
7/16-14 - 1/2-13M12.500 (12.7mm).94 (23.9mm)1.25 (31.7mm)IGPNS50
1/2-13 - 5/8-11M14 - M16.600 (15.24mm).97 (24.63mm)1.375 (34.92mm)IGPNS60
5/8-11 - 7/8-9M16 - M20.725 (18.4mm)1.53 (38.9mm)2.00 (50.8mm)IGPNS87
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