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Key-Rex Nut

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($100 Min. Order)

The KEY-REX NUT is not just tamperproof, vandal-proof, and tamper-resistant.

Key-Rex nuts are the world's most secure, tamper-proof nuts on the market. Every set of Key-Rex nuts are custom "keyed" for the client. Only the client has the sockets to fit their custom set which are designed to be nearly impossible to remove without the socket.

Key-Rex shapes are created using an encryption process that builds a shape out of millions of variables and defines a unique code for each part. Customers pay for a one-time key code tool and licensing agreement.

The Key-Rex Nut:

  • Is the only high-security nut of its kind
  • Requires a perfectly manufactured companion key/socket to remove
  • The keyway is licensed, private, and unique for each user for keyed "lock" security

Our Tamperproof & Vandal-Proof KEY-REX NUT

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Key-Rex Nut™ A nut that Acts Like a Lock

Size Ranges US 6/32 through 1/2-13 Metric M4-M12
ThreadThread MetricHeightTop DiameterBottom DiameterSocket
6-32 - 1/4-20M4 - M6.275 (7mm).50 (12.7mm).660 (16.7mm)IGNRS50
5/16-18 - 3/8-16M8 - M10.400 (10.2mm).745 (18.9mm).830 (21.1mm)IGNRS62
7/16-14 - 1/2-13M12.500 (12.7mm).94 (23.9mm)1.25 (31.7mm)IGNRS75
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Bryce Fastener is the world leader in high security locking bolts and fasteners, security screws, tamper proof and tamper-resistant screws.

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