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World's Most Secure Screws,
Bolts and Fasteners

Key-Rex Keyway security bolt


Custom Keyway.

Every set of Key-Rex® screws and bolts are custom "keyed" for the client. Only the client has the bits to fit their custom set which are designed to be nearly impossible to remove without the bit.

Key Rex Security bolts and fasteners


Penta-Plus Keyway Security Fastener


Proprietary Geometry.

Penta-Plus® is proprietary to Bryce Fastener. The Penta-Plus is considered tamper-PROOF because all bits are controlled by Bryce, maintaining its integrity as a higher-security fastener.

Penta Plus Anti Theft bolts


Also Available As a Nut

Key-Rex Security Fastener

Key-Rex® Nut

Penta-Nut anti theft bolts and fasteners


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More Machines Delivered for Key-Rex Structural Nut

Featured Image

We’ve embarked on making a large structural security nut called, Key-Rex® Structural Nut. Our new security nuts can range up to 2 inches in diamete... Read more

Presidential Seal

President Clinton Thanks Bryce

President Clinton's letter thanking Bryce Fastener for providing the world's highest security screws to protect an important solar panel array project in Haiti.

view letter

EACH DAY WITHOUT BRYCE IS A SECURITY GAMBLE. Every project is different and we're experts at helping customers get the perfect solution for each one. Note: $100 minimum order.

Industries & Applications Include:

  • Retail electronics
  • Gaming industry
  • Public transportation
  • Solar panels
  • University electronics
  • House arrest electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Nuclear plants
  • Public utilities
  • Military
  • Prisons, jails, security facilities
  • Museums
  • Bank credit card, ATM
  • And much more


  • I had finally purchased after about a year of thinking about it and I use them like mad. I am very happy with my registered Rex head screws and wish that I could purchase more sizes and types, which I will eventually do.
    Chad Haas, Haas Technologies
  • I can't remember how long ago we bought a bunch of screws, but the number of data projectors that have been stolen from our campus while properly secured with Bryce screws is still 0.
    Dave Althoff, Jr., Capital University
  • Read more from satisfied customers.
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The World's Most Tamper Proof Security Fasteners

Bryce Fastener is the leading manufacturer in the world producing the highest-level security screws, security nuts, security bolts and fasteners. Governments, military and nuclear facilities depend on Bryce theft proof products to keep the bad guys out. Banks, schools, prisons and high-tech facilities rely on Bryce Fastener as do solar panel and medical equipment manufacturers, thousands of retail stores and companies who take protection seriously. From theft proof nuts to vandal proof screws, Bryce offers it all. And if one of our anti-theft products isn't right for you, our team of designers will develop one to fit your specific needs.

Stop Theft Before It Happens to you with Bryce Security Screws

Unique and almost impenetrable Bryce Key-Rex, Penta-Plus, Penta-Nut and Raptor security systems keep criminals and tampering hands out so theft is nearly impossible. Bryce tamper proof security products stop the crime, while security cameras and alarms simply provide evidence that theft or vandalism has occurred after the fact. When the highest level of security is required, Bryce security screws are the only choice.

Did you know that other "tamper resistant" screws and fasteners are mass-produced and bits are readily available at most hardware stores throughout the world? Bryce's proprietary products are different because they are custom made. The Key-Rex is the most theft proof and tamper proof fastener in the world because every customer receives a different "keyway" for their order of security screws or security bolts that no one else has. Each unique "keyway" is licensed to only one client and no other known mass-produced bit will fit any Key Rex fastener. In addition, their specially designed shape and high-torque abilities deflect vice grips and other tools. When top security is essential, Bryce has the solution.

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KEY-REX™, Keyed-Lok®, Penta-Plus™, Hex-Pin™, and Tam-6lobe™ are registered trademarks of Bryce Fastener Mfg.

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*Zero Theft is not Guaranteed.

Bryce Fastener is the world leader in high security locking bolts and fasteners, security screws, tamper proof and tamper-resistant screws.

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